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Past Seminars

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Fall Semester 2019

October 3:  David Hickey
“Using Physical Organic Chemistry Tools to Solve Problems of Grid-Scale Energy Storage”
Hickey Abstract
October 10:  Charles McCrory
University of Michigan
“The Electrochemical Conversion of CO2 to CO with Molecular Co Catalysts: Modulating Activity and Selectivity by Controlling the Catalyst’s Coordination Environment"

McCrory Abstract

October 17:  Morris Bullock
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
“Design of Molecular Electrocatalysts for the Production and Oxidation of Hydrogen”

Bullock Abstract

October 24:  Ellen M. Matson
University of Rochester
“Development of metal-oxide clusters as charge carriers for nonaqueous redox-flow batteries"
Matson Abstract
October 31:  Jean Yves Chauleau
Nanomagnetism & Oxides Lab
“Observation and manipulation of antiferromagnetic distributions in magneto-electric multiferroics”
Chauleau Abstract
November 14:  Rodney D. L. Smith
University of Waterloo
“Electrocatalysts Through the Lens of Structure- Property Relationships"
Smith Abstract


Fall Semester 2018

September 20:  Yuen-Zhou
University of California at San Diego
“Chemistry and physics of molecules in cavities”
Yuen-Zhou Abstract
October 4:  Felix N. Castellano
NC State University
“Triplet Energy Transfer Across Quantum Dot – Molecular Interfaces”
Castellano Abstract
October 18: Colombo
University of Texas at Dallas
“Growth of 2D single crystal materials for electronic applications”
Colombo Abstract
November 7: Klausen
Johns Hopkins University
“Unconventional Building Blocks for Functional Polymeric Materials”
Klausen Abstract
November 15:  Bender
University of Toronto
“Non-Fullerene Electron Accepting Materials in Organic Photovoltaics: synthesis, device engineering and lifetime assessments”
Bender Abstract
December 6:  Delerue
University of Lille, France
“Colloidal semiconductor nanocrystals: From single objects to artificial solids”
Delerue Abstract


Fall Semester 2017

September 7:  Selvan Demir
University of Göttingen
“Lanthanide-Based Single-Molecule Magnets”
Demir Abstract

Spring Semester 2017

January 12: Maksym Kovalenko
ETH, Zurich
“Nano- and single-crystals of lead halide perovskites: from bright light emission to hard radiation detection”
Kovalenko Abstract
February 2:  Joel Ager
Lawrence Berkeley National Labs
“Charge Selective Contacts in Photovoltaic and Photoelectrochemical Devices & Joint Center for Artificial Photosynthesis”
Ager Abstract
February 9:  Garry Rumbles
National Renewable Energy Labs/ U. Colorado & Imperial College
“Excitons, Charge-Transfer states, Charge-Separated states, the path to free carriers and the  importance of charge delocalization”
Rumbles Abstract
February 16:  Omar Farha
Northwestern University
“Functional and Catalytic Metal–Organic Framework Materials”
Farha Abstract
February 23:  Sylwia Ptasinska
Notre Dame, Physics
“Probing Interfacial Processes at H2O/III-V Semiconductor Surfaces under Operando Conditions”
Ptasinska Abstract
February 16:  Brett Helms
Lawrence Berkeley National Labs
“Applying the Tools of Materials Genomics to Address Charge-Transport Bottlenecks in Electrochemical Devices”
Helms Abstract
March 23: David Waldeck
University of Pittsburgh
“Directing Charge Transfer in Semiconductor Assemblies”
Waldeck Abstract
March 30: Richard Brutchey
University of Southern California
“Revisiting Alchemy: The Search for a Modern-Day Alkahest to Solution Process “Insoluble” Bulk Materials”
Brutchey Abstract
April 6:  Anders Hagfeldt
Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL)
“The Versatility of Mesoscopic Solar Cells”
Hagfeldt Abstract
April 20: Gerald Meyer
U. North Carolina – Chapel Hill
“Dye-Sensitization for Sustainable Energy”
Meyer Abstract
April 27: Vanessa Wood
Understanding and Optimizing Solution-Processed Systems
Wood Abstract


Fall Semester 2016

September 1: Thomas Cundari
University of North Texas
“Catalysis in the 21st Century: What Role Can/Will Theory Play?”
Cundari Abstract
September 8: John W. Frost
Michigan State University (Chemistry)
“Synthesis of Biobased Terephthalic Acid from Methane”
Frost Abstract
September 15: Pamela Silver
Harvard University Medical School
“Designing Biology for Health and Sustainability”
Silver Abstract
September 22: Yogesh Surendranath
“Graphite-Conjugated Catalysis”
Surendranath Abstract
September 29: Wei Liao
Michigan State University (Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering)
“Turning Chemistry into Food-Energy-Water Nexus Solutions towards Global Sustainability”
Liao Abstract
October 6: Christophe Copéret
ETH ZÜrich
“Molecular understanding and controlled Functionalization of surfaces towards single- site catalysts and beyond”
Coperet Abstract
October 13: Richard Finke
Colorado State University
“The ‘Who's the Catalyst?’ Problem: Distinguishing Homogeneous from Heterogeneous Catalysis”
Finke Abstract
October 20: Francisco Zaera
University of California Riverside
“The Route to Better Catalysts: From Surface Science to Nanotechnology”
Zaera Abstract
October 27: Paul T. Barger
UOP LLC, a Honeywell Co.
“UOP Advanced MTO Technology – A New Route for the Production of Light Olefins”
Barger Abstract
November 7: Ive Hermans
University of Wisconsin
“Science and Serendipity in Heterogeneous Catalysis Research”
Hermans Abstract
November 17: Christine Luscome
University of Washington
“Precise engineering of semiconducting polymers and their hybrids for organic electronics”
Luscombe Abstract
December 1: Jared Lewis
University of Chicago
“Engineering Proteins for Selective Catalysis”
Lewis Abstract
December 8: James Boncella
Los Alamos National Laboratory
“Addition of HX to Transition Metal Amide Bonds: Catalysts for Nitrile Hydration and the Water Aldehyde Shift Reaction”
Boncella Abstract


Spring Semester 2016


February 18: Mohammad Maghrebi
Department of Physics, University of Maryland
"How can we understand non-equilibrium many-body states?"
Maghrebi Abstract
February 25:  Benjamin Fregoso
Department of Physics, UC Berkeley
"Irradiated topological matter: quantum design leads to solar harvesting" 
Fregoso Abstract
March 3: Mark Ratner
Department of Chemistry, Northwestern University
"Charge transport in organic solar materials"
Ratner Abstract
March 24: Y.Y. Lau
Nuclear Engineering, University of Michigan
"Magnetic Rayleigh-Taylor Instability in High Current Beams"
Lau Abstract
March 31: Yue Qi
Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, Michigan State University
"Predicting Transport Properties of the Solid Electrolyte Interphases (SEI) in Li-ion Batteries"
Qi Abstract
April 7: Rebecca Anthony
Department of Mechanical Engineering, Michigan State University
"Plasmas for controlling the synthesis and properties of semiconductor nanocrystals"
Anthony Abstract
April 14: Troy Van Voorhis
Department of Chemistry, MIT
"Electronic Dynamics in Complex Environments: From Electron Transfer to Singlet Fission”
Van Voorhis Abstract
April 21: Phil Duxbury
Department of Physics, Michigan State University
"Optimal control of electronic excitations in the solid state"
Duxbury Abstract
April 28: Todd Martinez
Department of Chemistry, Stanford University
"Discovering Chemistry with an Ab Initio Nanoreactor"
Martinez Abstract


Fall Semester 2015 (focus on Theory of ultrafast physical and chemical processes)


(Friday)September 4: Andrew Baczewski
Sandia National Laboratories
"Modeling Real-Time Electron-Ion Dynamics Using Time-Dependent Density Functional Theory"
Baczewski Abstract
September 10: Piotr Piecuch
Chemistry Department, Michigan State University
"Understanding Photochemistry, Multi-photon Ionization and Photoelectron Spectra with the Equation-of-Motion Coupled Cluster Theory"
Piecuch Abstract
September 17: Alexander Efros
Naval Research Laboratory
"Semiconductor Nanocrystals: Discovery, Milestones and Recent Theoretical Developments"
Efros Abstract
September 24: Hua Guo
Department of Chemistry, University of New Mexico
"Mode Specificity and Bond Selectivity in Dissociative Chemisorption"
Guo Abstract
October 1: Di Liu
Mathematics Department, Michigan State University
"Multiscale Modeling and Computation of Optically Manipulated Nano Devices"
Liu Abstract
October 8: Anatoli Polkovnikov
Department of Physics, Boston University
"Universal dynamics near continuous phase transitions"
Polkovnikov Abstract
October 15: Alex Levchenko
Department of Physics, University of Wisconsin at Madison
"Amplitude modes and dynamic coexistence of competing orders in multicomponent superconductors"
Levchenko Abstract
October 22: Ben Levine
Chemistry Department, Michigan State University
"Conical Intersections and Non-Radiative Recombination in Semiconductor Nanocrystals"
Levine Abstract
October 29: Xiaosong Li
Department of Chemistry, University of Washington
"Understanding Excitonic Dynamics using Time-Dependent Electronic Structure Theory"
Li Abstract
November 12: Jim Freericks
Department of Physics, Georgetown University
"Time-resolved photoemission spectroscopy in charge-density-wave insulators and superconductors"
Freericks Abstract
November 19: Carsten Ullrich
Department of Physics, University of Missouri
"The time dependent particle-hole map"
Ullrich Abstract
December 3: Dominika Zgid
Department of Chemistry, University of Michigan
"Systematically improvable multiscale methods for correlated electron systems”
Zgid Abstract

Fall Semester 2014 (focus on Spintronics)

September 4: Nitin Samarth
Department of Physics, Penn State University
"Topological Spintronics"
Samarth Abstract
(Special day) September 8: Roland Kawakami
Department of Physics, Ohio State University
"Physics and technology of spin-dependent phenomena in graphene"
Kawakami Abstract
(Special day) September 15: Dan Gammon
Naval Research Laboratory
"Optical control of quantum dot spins in a photonic crystal: working towards a quantum network"
Gammon Abstract
September 25: David Schultz
Department of Chemistry, North Carolina State University
"Donor-Bridge-Acceptor Biradicals in Ground-and-Excited States: Correlation of Exchange and Electronic Coupling with Excited-State Wave Function Mixing"
Shultz Abstract
October 9: Igor Zutic
Department of Physics, University of Buffalo
"Teaching Nanomagnets New Tricks" 
Zutic Abstract
October 16: Paul Weiss
Department of Chemistry, UCLA
"California NanoSystems Institute and Departments of Chemistry & Biochemistry and Materials Science & Engineering, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA 90095 "
Weiss Abstract
October 23: Song Jin
Department of Chemistry, University of Wisconsin
"Detection and Manipulation of Magnetic Skyrmions in Metal Silicide Nanowires"
Jin Abstract
(Special day) November 3: Xiaodong Xu
Department of Physics, University of Washington
"Spins and pseudospins in 2D semiconductors"
Xu Abstract
November 6: Ken Knappenberger
Department of Chemistry, Florida State University
"Single-structure Studies of Chiro-optical Nanomaterials"
Knappenberger Abstract
November 13: Michael Flatte
Department of Physics, University of Iowa
"Room-temperature electronic spin correlations: towards spincoherent technologies"
Flatte Abstract
November 20: Jeff Long
Department of Chemistry, UC Berkeley
"New Single-Molecule Magnets with High Blocking Temperatures"
Long Abstract
December 4: Juan Peralta
Department of Physics, Central Michigan University
"Magnetic Interactions in Transition Metal Complexes from First- Principles"
Peralta Abstract

Spring Semester 2014 (focus on Ultrafest Science)

January 9: Marcos Dantus
Department of Chemistry, Michigan State University
"Developing and applying the concept of ultrafast shaped pulses as photonic reagents and coherence probes"
Dantus Abstract
January 16: Warren Beck
Department of Chemistry, Michigan State University
"Nonlinear Optical Studies of Radiation less Decay and Energy Transfer by Carotenoids in Photosynthetic Light Harvesting Proteins"
Beck Abstract
January 23: Benjamin Schwartz
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of California at Los Angeles
"To Be or Not to Be in a Cavity: The Hydrated Electron Dilemma"
Schwartz Abstract
January 30: Theodore Goodson
Department of Chemistry, University of Michigan
"Ultrafast Dynamics in Organic and Inorganic Materials with Enhanced Optical Effects"
Goodson Abstract
February 6: Michael Therien
Department of Chemistry, Duke University
"Ultrafast Exciton Migration and Charge Transfer Dynamics in Semiconducting Polymer- Carbon Nanotube Superstructures"
Therian Abstract
February 13: Paul Evans
Department of Materials Science and Engineering, University of Wisconsin
"Ultrafast Dynamics in Complex Oxide Electronic Materials" No abstract
Evans Abstract
February 20: John Papanikolas
Department of Chemistry, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
"Visualizing Charge Carrier Motion in Nanowires Using Femtosecond Pump-Probe Microscopy"
Papanikolas Abstract
February 27: Michael Wasielewski
Department of Chemistry and Director, Argonne-Northwestern Solar Energy Research Center, Northwestern University
"Exciton Dynamics and Structural Investigations of Singlet Fission in Molecular Solids"
Wasielewski Abstract
March 13: Tinquian (Tim) Lian
Department of Chemistry, Emory University
"Solar Energy Conversion using Atoms, Molecules, and Solids"
Lian Abstract
March 20: John McGuire
Department of Physics and Astronomy, Michigan State University
"Dynamics and Interactions of Strongly Confined Excitons in Graphene" No abstract
March 27: Andrei Tokmakoff
Department of Chemistry, University of Chicago
"Ultrafast Dynamics of Hydrogen Bond Networks in Water from Broadband Infrared Spectroscopy"
Tokmakoff Abstract
April 3: Xiaoyang Zhu
Department of Chemistry, Columbia University
"Exciton Fission, Quantum Coherence, & Solar Energy Conversion Beyond the Limit"
Zhu Abstract
April 10: Linda Young
Director X-Ray Science Division, Argonne National Laboratory
"Perspectives on Ultrafast X-ray Studies at DOE Light Sources"
Young Abstract
April 17: Louis DiMauro
Department of Physics, The Ohio State University
"Attoseconds: Faster than a New York Minute"
DiMauro Abstract
April 24: Sergei Tretiak
Physics and Chemistry of Materials, Theoretical Division, Los Alamos National Laboratory
"Photoexcited Conjugated Chromophores: Conformational Dynamics, Relaxation Pathways, and Energy Transfer"
Tretiak Abstract

Fall 2013 Seminar (focus on Earth abundant materials for the renewable fuels cycle)


9/12: Mitch Smith
Chemistry, MSU
9/19: Nate Neale
"Controlling the Properties of Silicon and Germanium Nanocrystals for Advanced Energy Applications"
Neale Abstract
9/26: Dan Nocera

10/10: Antoine Kahn
"Organic Electronics: a fast-developing world of interfaces"
Kahn Abstract

10/17: Vladimir Bulovic
"Colloidal Quantum Dots in Efficient LEDs and Displays"
Bulovic Abstract

10/24: Elena Jakubikova
North Carolina State University 
"Earth-abundant solar cells: Can iron complexes serve as photosensitizers in DSSCs?"
Jakubikova Abstract

11/7: Don Morelli
Engineering, MSU
"Romancing the Rock: High Performance Thermoelectricity in
Mineral-Based Materials"

Morelli Abstract

11/14: Mark Worden
Engineering, MSU
"Nanostructured Biomimetic Systems:
Synergy at the Nano/Bio Interface"
Worden Abstract

Spring 2013 Seminar (focus on Energy harvesting and the renewable fuels cycle)

February 14: Scott Calabrese-Barton
Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, Michigan State University
"Non precious metal catalysts for Oxygen reduction in fuel cells"

February 21: Gemma Reguera
Microbiology, Michigan State University
"Long-range electron transfer in microbial protein nanowires"

February 28: Richard Lunt
Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, Michigan State University
"Unique prospects and limits for excitonic photovoltaics "

March 14: Pengpeng Zhang
Physics and Astronomy, Michigan State University
"Growth of light harvesting organic molecules on inorganic substrates"

March 21: Juan Bisquert
Department of Physics, University Jaume I, Castello Spain
"Solar energy conversion with nanoheterostructures"

March 28: Alison Walker
Physics, University of Bath, United Kingdom
"Modeling of light harvesting and water splitting"

April 10 (Wednesday): Special Seminar - Mark Tuckerman
Department of Chemistry and Courant Institute, NYU
“Materials in silico: Structure, transport and functionalization”

April 18: Tom Hamann
Chemistry, Michigan State University
"Photoelectrochemical Investigation of Water Splitting with Hematite Thin Film Electrodes"

Fall 2012 Seminar (focus on Effects of swift heavy ions and/or ultrafast lasers on complex materials)

September 20: Maik Lang
University of Michigan
"Structural modifications in complex oxides induced by swift heavy ions"

Special seminar September 20: Marcel Toulemonde
"Track Formation and Sputtering Materials: Experiments as a Guide to Develop the Inelastic Thermal Spike Model"

September 27: Georg Bollen
Michigan State University/FRIB
"FRIB extreme materials challenges"

October 4: Carl Boehlert
CHEMS, Michigan State
"Development of Methodologies for Characterization of the Microstructure and Deformation Behavior of Radioactive Materials and Materials to be used in Irradiation Environments"

October 18:  Gary Was
University of Michigan
"Strategies for studying radiation effects in materials using ion beams"

October 25:  Michael Nastasi
University of Nebraska and Los Alamos
"Role of interfaces for materials in extreme irradiation environment"

November 1:  Yongqiang Wang
Ion beam materials laboratory, Los Alamos
"Ion irradiation and damage response of nanostructures"

November 8:  Brian Wirth
University of Tennessee and Oak Ridge National Laboratory
"Computational modeling and measurements of radiation effects in materials"

November 15: William Weber
University of Tennessee and Oak Ridge National Laboratory
"Effects of ionization on damage formation and recovery under ion irradiation"

December 13:  Rod Ewing
Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Michigan
"Forms for nuclear waste storage: The road not taken"

Fall 2010 Seminar (focus on Complex materials and related energy and medical technologies)

October 7: Andrew Christlieb
Mathematics, MSU
“Computational plasma science and its materials applications”

October 14: Jeff Sakamoto
Chemical Engineering and Material Science - MSU
“Materials for Batteries and thermoelectric devices”

October 21: Veronica Barone
Chemistry and Physics, CMU
“Ab-initio calculations of adsorption and diffusion of Li on graphene”

October 28: David Tomanek
Physics and Astronomy, MSU
“Probing and transforming nanostructures with light and sound”

November 11: XueFei Hwang
Chemistry, MSU
“Magnetic Glyco-Nanoparticles, a Unique Tool for In Vitro and In Vivo Detection”

November: Anish Tuteja
Materials Science - UM
“Design and self-assembly of superhydrophobic surfaces”

Spring 2010 Seminar (focus Complex materials and applications to energy and medical technologies)


Special: January 20: Shijie Wu/Ryan Smith
Agilent Technologies
"Scanning Probe Microscopy in Controlled Environments: A discussion of experimental possibilities in liquid, gas, and temperature-controlled environments"
January 21: Piotr Piecuch
Chemistry, MSU
"Extending Ab Initio Electronic Structure Theory to Complex Molecular Problems: Local Coupled-Cluster Methodology and Its Multi-Level Generalizations"

February 4: Jason Nicholas
Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, MSU
"Interface Engineered Oxide Nano-Composites for Next-Generation Electrochemical Devices"

February 18: Andrey Kalinichev
Chemistry, MSU
"Computational molecular modeling of the structure and dynamics of nano-confined water and ions in layered organo-inorganic materials"

February 25: Andrew Mason
Electrical and Computer Engineering, MSU
"On-chip bio-electrochemical interfaces: challenges and applications for sensing and biological research"

March 4:  Rob Cain/Keith Jones
Asylum Technologies
"Asylum MFP-3D atomic force microscopy for characterization of soft and hard surfaces, with temperature and environmental control"

March 25: Ruby Ghosh
Physics, MSU
"Nano-scale optical indicators and materials: Real time oxygen sensing for chemical and biological applications"

April 1:  Guowei Wei
Mathematics, MSU
“Classical and quantum models for nano-bio systems''

April 15: Wei Lai
Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, MSU
"Introduction to Impedance Spectroscopy of Electrochemical Devices"

April 22: Deepak K Pandey
Birck Nanotechnology Center, Purdue University
"Study of Novel Materials for Nanoelectronics: A Scanning Probe Microscope Study of Graphene and Graphite Oxide."

April 29: Jiebing Sun
Physics, University of New Hampshire and IBM Yorktown Heights
"Structural and electronic properties of SiC(0001), graphene/Ni(111), and suspended graphene"

May 6: Leonid V. Zhigilei
Department of Materials Science and Engineering, University of Virginia
"Molecular dynamics simulations of laser-induced structural transformations and ablation of molecular materials and metals."
June 3: John Verboncoeur
Nuclear Engineering, UC Berkeley
"Particle-in-cell modeling of plasmas and applications to devices"